Approve Your Overall Appearance With Laser Hair Removal

In the twenty first century it is not just women who are trying to get rid of excess hair; many men shave their arm pits and even their legs. However, there is nothing more embarrassing for women than excess facial hair that tone down her appearance. For a woman to look good she needs to be free from hair on her face, apart from some very well trimmed eyebrows.

When you have facial hair there are a few ways you can treat it; you can shave, bleach, or pluck the hair. Shaving is really a bad idea yet one that many women do when they are in a hurry; the hair will grow back quickly and thicker. Bleaching is not getting rid of the hairs, and plucking can be painful and time consuming. An epilator that is designed for hair removal can also prove too painful on the delicate facial area; the best way to rid you of unwanted hair is to head for your local skin clinic Birmingham.

Laser hair removal Birmingham can permanently get rid of the excess facial hair that you hate so much at that you notice appearing more and more as you get older. By using a laser, the hair will be successfully killed at the root, meaning that they simply will not grow back. The treatment is not just popular for facial areas but also for the arms and legs and even the bikini line for women and many areas for men such as the back.

Laser hair removal is quick and effective and it is no more painful than trying to remove hair with wax strips or with an epilator. It is however far more effective than these other two methods and it will allow you to be smooth and hair free forever. If you have never plucked your moustache or other facial area before then one treatment is often enough. If however you use the same treatment on legs that have been shaved or epilated before you may need a few follow up sessions to ensure that you really get rid of all the unwanted hairs. Look forward to a bright future that is free from embarrassment when you opt for laser hair removal for your chin, upper lips, side burns, or other facial area where you are plagued by unwanted hairs that are really starting to drag down not just your appearance but also your self-confidence.

3 Steps to Becoming a Wedding Makeup Artist

A wedding makeup artist is an in demand career nowadays. It may be because the number of weddings has risen over the years. It may be because a lot of people are so focused in becoming just beautiful and perfect on their wedding day. Whatever the reason is, if you want a career out of being a wedding makeup artist, now is the best time to do so. If you do not know where to start, this article may be able to help you.

Education. Before getting all negative about this part, hear me out. I do not mean that you have to finish a course or even take one up to become a great wedding makeup artist. For all I know, you’ve already got heaps of talent up your sleeve. It’s just that not all wedding makeup artists like wedding make up artist kent were born great. The lot of them needs a bit of tweaking. And this is where education comes in. You do not really need to complete a four year course or even earn a diploma (although a course in cosmetology does up your ante at some point). Some trainings, seminars and courses about wedding makeup can be completed in a few days or weeks. However, you need to have an open mind because this kind of career is so dynamic that trends can come and go that is why you never stop learning about new makeup brands or products or new bridal makeup artist’s tools. There is so much competition out there nowadays that only the ones who have learned both old and new, basic and advanced are the one that can keep up with the competition. That is the kind of makeup artist you should be. Watch out and join workshops that will keep you timeless.

Practice. This is actually relevant to educating yourself. Practicing on yourself and on your friends or family is one way to master the art of putting on wedding makeup. Once you have practiced and mastered the basics, move on to the more advanced makeup techniques. Do not be scared to make mistakes along the way and do not shun out experimenting. Who knows, you might even be able to come up with your own wedding makeup trend and have it patented or something, right? Become an apprentice. Before becoming a Jedi master, you have to go through becoming a Padawan, an apprentice. Work with someone who already has tons of experiences in wedding makeup under their belt. You might need to work under them for free but the knowledge and experience you will get will definitely be worth the sacrifice. It will be like your on- the- job training of sorts. And your possible rewards if you work well with this makeup master? Once he or she deems you ready, you might get introduced to possible clients and work your way up.

Advertise. If you feel that you are ready to take on clients, start advertising your services. Sell yourself and do not be afraid to lay it on thick, especially if you think you are really good. Creativity and assertiveness is the key. Make use of social media and ask your friends and family to be the “models” on your portfolio.

3 Easy Breezy Steps to a Perfectly Straight Hair

One of the difficult challenges in life is how to keep your hair straight, smooth and shiny. I am not joking. In Asia, the longer and straighter your hair is, the more beautiful you are considered to be and a lot of Westerns are actually also adapting to the idea of a perfectly straight hair. But how do you start? Do you always have to go to a salon for maintenance? The answer is no. You just have to have your own stock of hair beauty supplies and hair beauty products to keep your straight hair in perfectly good condition. These wholesale beauty supplies need not be expensive. That is why I am not going to be naming any brands. In fact, you can just buy hair beauty products wholesale together with your friends so you can save more.

Cleanse, condition, protect. This is always going to be the first step in any hair beautifying ritual. If your hair is dyed or colored or has highlights, choose a shampoo and conditioner (you can use two in one products, by the way, which will save you even more dollars) that does not contain sulphite. Sulphite unfortunately results to fading hair colors so be careful to read the label before purchasing anything. Before doing the iron work, spray some thermal protectant spray on your hair (this is done after iron the hair too). Thermal protectant products are of course, excellent for blow drying, iron work and for anything that exposes your hair to heat.

Apply a smoothening spray or smoothening cream. This is the second step. You need to put this on before ironing the hair and it will give you a truly smooth, sexy as well as a sleek straight look. All you need to do is grab your crown from the back, pull it and start putting on the cream or spray. Make sure every strand has been covered. Then afterwards, start ironing your hair. Do it in sections and be patient. If you want this done right, you are going to take some time. Make sure the iron is already hot and start from the roots way down to the tips. Be careful not to burn your scalp as this is a common accident when straightening the hair.

Finishing. Again, finishing is the last step (why else is it called finishing, right?). Once you are done ironing you hair. At this time, you may be seeing some crazy hairs or flyaways here and there (especially for people with naturally curly hair). How do you deal with this? All you need to do is spray some finishing spray a bit on your hand and run your hands on the areas with the flyaway hairs. This will cause your hair to totally relax. By the way, this procedure will last all day long. The finishing product is usually some kind of light oil. You may use the ones that can be used for both the skin and hair. Place a pea size amount of oil on your hand and start placing it on the tips and work your way up. After that, finish off with a spray that gives just the lightest of holds and run your finger through your hair to comb them.

The How-To Guide to Becoming A Make Up Artist

Make up artists are one of the careers that have become in demand nowadays. It is because people have become focused on beauty and perfection. If you want to have a successful career as hair and makeup artists London you might want to start out studying cosmetology. You might not like formal study but a license in cosmetology ups wedding-makeupyour ante from your competition and at the same time, it gives you a whole lot of credibility to your craft even if it is not necessarily required everywhere. On the other hand, taking cosmetology would also enhance skills that are not related to make up, like styling of hair.

To become a successful make up artist, you need to be open minded enough to accept that educating yourself is never going to end. You need to keep up with competition and with the different technology and trends. Although you do not have to take up formal studies to keep yourself educated, you may need to enroll yourself in training courses or workshops from time to time just to keep yourself relevant and updated.

In relation to your continuous education, you would have to choose a field of make up that you need to specialize in. Knowing a little of everything is good but focusing on one aspect of make up will help you master not only the basics but the advanced techniques as well. Your client base will also increase faster this way because clients tend to hire make up artists who specialize in one field, like bridal make up. There are a lot options to choose from like runway make up, corrective make up in a skin clinic and special effects make up. The options almost seem endless. On the other hand, it is highly recommended that you specialize in two to four make up fields because one of the downsides of this career is the irregularity of work, depending on the season because if one field is dreamstime_17009224_makeup_coursenot in demand for a period of time, you still have another specialty to cling on to so you won’t have idle time at all.

Making your way to the top in the field of make up artistry like semi permanent makeup Kent is never an easy task. You have to do all the nitty gritty dirty work and you have to start small. That is mostly the only way to succeed. Becoming an apprentice and doing OJT’s and working for free in a salon or under the tutelage of a more experience make up artist is a good way to start. Just expect some undesirable tasks though like cleaning up after your mentor, etc. However, after all these sacrifices, rewards will be at the end of the tunnel in the form of a good reference, building a great portfolio and even getting introduced to your mentor’s client base.

Once you have done the things mentioned earlier, it is now time to start advertising and marketing your services. Being assertive and creative is the key. Create a great portfolio and make a lot of copies of before and after work. This is the time to build great friendships and relationships. Good luck!