Where To Find A Good Jewellery Online

For every woman, jewelry is one piece of accessory that she needs to complete a wardrobe. There is a lot of online jewellery UK that can accommodate the needs for some unique pieces of jewelry. One of the stores is named Fiorelli Jewellery. They started as an accessory store. They started to sell bags in the 90’s. In 2007, they invited a company that engages in making silver jewelry and that started their affiliation with unique silver pieces.

They have grown to become popularly known that they also distribute many of their silver pieces on popular dress brands around the world. They cater to different silver jewelry pieces like for everyday wear to bridal pieces. They have silver with semi-precious stones like turquoise and some Swarovski stones as well. They not only have rings, they also have bracelets, bangles, earrings, necklaces and anklets. They also sell brooches with semi precious stones which makes it very unique. They are mostly made of silver.

There are also some pieces which are gold plated to its highest quality and they guarantee that it will not tarnish very easily. They also have pieces of jewelry that have braided leather on it to add to the appeal of the piece. On their website, you can find a catalogue that can be turned to different pages that will show some pieces that they have.

On the catalogue you can magnify the image. They also added a feature where you can actually share it on social media like Facebook and twitter to name a few. You can also download and email the image. You can also comment on every piece that you like on the catalogue. This makes it more interactive. They say that the jewelry they sell is affordable to everybody.

There are different jewelry stores where you can find their pieces. They are available in the United Kingdom and in Ireland. There are at least nine stores that a person can go to look for their pieces. Although they admit that their entire collection will not be available in one particular store. They are suggesting that you should check with the local store if that piece is available before coming down and attempting to buy it. You can also buy pieces of their jewelry collection online.

Each piece of jewelry is placed in a signature organza package or a box or a pillow case. There are many clients that claim that they are much satisfied with the jewelry that they bought from Fiorelli. Their pieces look more expensive than the actual price they paid for it. This is one pride that women have when it comes to picking the right kind of jewelry to go with their wardrobe. It should be elegant and looks expensive but pays very little for it. When other people give compliment to that piece of jewelry, it boosts not only the confidence of the woman but also she takes pride in her wardrobe.

Customized Engagement Rings Online

I was looking for the perfect engagement ring for my love of my life. I went from store to store and turned out empty handed. A friend of mine suggested that I should check the internet. I doubted the fact that I can find what I was looking for over the internet. But because I really need to find the best for my fiancée I went and look checked it. I found some James Allen review and Blue Nile review. While reading them, I learned that they are two jewelry companies that cater to diamond engagement rings, wedding rings and other kinds of jewelry.

I browsed to their website and found that I can actually decide what kind of diamond, where is it going to be placed and what design will be the ring. It was really promising. I was also working on a tight budget so I know that making some decisions like that would help me find the perfect one for the money that I have. Both websites explains in details what are the kinds of diamonds that are available. What are the four C’s that you need to consider when buying one. There is the carat, cut, color, clarity. Based on these four C’s is the amount that you need to pay.

They also have customer service that was helpful in choosing the right kind of elements to make a perfect ring. I was a little bothered because it was my first time to really consider buying stuff online. But they were considerate and did not hesitate to help me. They suggested many different settings on many different shapes of diamond combination. I had to struggle between platinum and gold settings. One of the customer representatives explained to me the difference of a platinum material to a gold material.

Well, when I was looking for the ring on a physical store I was not given much opportunity to ask and clarify such things. Their only goal was to sell an engagement ring to me. This is when I knew I have to research more and I learned a lot about engagement rings. The representatives also considered the kind of fiancée I am going to ask the hand for. They said the engagement ring would really fit my fiancée if I consider her character.

So I told them that she is keen in details and loves art. She is very particular with how things are made and is a perfectionist. So they suggested a ring with intricate design on the band. I really loved the design. It has the infinity sign as the design of the setting with six prongs that holds the round .70 carat SI diamond. It is in platinum for they have told me that it is the suggested choice especially if it is to be worn every day. Platinum are hard metals, harder than gold. It is bump proof as they say. I had experiences with gold rings that eventually had bumps on it after a while. I am really pleased that they were that considerate.

8 Perfect Jewellery Gifts For Men


Looking for a perfect jewellery or present for your husband? Boyfriend? or a male who is close to you? The following may help you get what you need for him so you can rest your head from looking because he will probably love it when he sees your present. Here are the 8 pieces of jewellery you can use to surprise and make him happy.

  1. Silver or Gold Ring – just like any other guys want a silver or a gold ring because 5d6eab39407f1e5356e9bf9d5c96621f it gives them the feeling of being a real man. It also brings elegance and a simple yet fashionable look to everyone who wears it. You can be creative by personalizing it through different design or it can also be the symbol of your personal status.
  2. Charm Bracelet – there are charm bracelets for men that can make them look really attractive. It is a bonus to what they wear and reflects how they show their true feelings for themselves. It is usually a bracelet in variety of colors, it has a lock, pendant and charm for any sign such as luck or love.
  3. Silver or Gold Necklace – it is popular necklace that can be bought anywhere. It can be expensive or affordable depending on the weight or the type of gold/silver it is made of.
  4. Cuff Link – this kind of male jewellery is made to fulfill their convenience in preview_men-s-personalised-morse-code-braceletwearing their sleeve polo. They can be in suit and tie but having a cuff link may add elegance to what they wear. It is a button type of jewellery for the right and left side part of the wearer’s wrist.
  5. Rope Bracelet – this bracelet is made of rope and it can be purely made of rope or it can also have an accessory pendant on it. You can have a choice from style, design, color, lock, pendant, twist of the rope or anything you desire. You have a wide range of choice when it comes to rope bracelets.
  6. Leather Bracelet – from the word leather, this kind of jewellery bracelet is made of leather and usually has a lock which is made by hook, buttons or even belt type. It can be in brown, white and black color with a small amount of metal to connect each edge of the leather.
  7. Cuff Bracelet – cuff bracelets are made to place in the arms of a man. It can be in any size, form or design and materials that are used of can be different depending on how it is made. It usually surrounds the hand of the wearer but have a small space in between the wrist. It has no lock but is durable and flexible enough to stay on your arms as long as you want to.
  8. Signet Ring – there are different design that can be crafted in signet ring which also requires deep engraving. It could be made of precious gemstones for design and metals for the ring, of course it depends for the price you pay. It can be personalized how you want it to be and it is more detailed than any other jewellery ring.

There are many jewellery you can use to surprise a man and you can assure yourself that they will love the present because it is really meant for them. This will help you choose the right jewellery that is perfect for him and you don’t have to worry because you have a wide variety of choice.