Tips on how to distinguish a Genuine Diamond from a fake one

Diamonds are indeed timeless. This kind of stone however comes in a real expensive price. But why is it that most of us people are allured by its charm? What is in a diamond that women really love? It is because diamonds are a real example of elegance and attraction. It enhances the sophisticated aura of a woman that makes her feel fancy and expensive. A woman who wears real diamond jewelry becomes the envy of most women who do not have one. Wearing a genuine diamond piece makes the bearer out and proud. But how do we really identify if that specific piece of jewel is genuine when fake ones almost look the same with the real?

Well, here are simple tests to help you out in determining if a certain piece of diamond is real or fake.

Authenticity – To prove if your diamonds are real, asking for its authentication from the manufacturer will give you a hundred percent assurance that it is therefore genuine. They should be able to present to you certificates coming from the diamond manufacturing company that made the said stone to prove that it is real.

Fog test – This type of test is one of the most easiest. All you have to do is to create a fog onto the diamond using your mouth. Once the fog disappears immediately, then it is a real one. Fake diamonds usually takes time to evaporate the fog you created.

Heating method – In this test, diamonds are heated up for seconds. Genuine diamonds usually does not heat up unlike the fake one.

Weight matters – It is a natural characteristic of a real diamond that it weighs lighter compared to the fake ones. However, there’s a bit difficulty in identifying diamonds that are stapled to a certain ring or necklace. Only experts can distinguish the difference of which is which among the two is the real one.

Magnification method – You can take a deeper look at the diamond by utilizing a magnifying lens.  A genuine diamond has only minimal scratches and has pointed edges. If your diamond looks perfect enough, then there is a possibility that it is a fake.

Vintage diamond rings always are unique and attractive. If you own genuine diamond cluster rings these days, then you are one of the lucky human person in this world. These rings comes in a stapled fine diamonds all over its sides depending on the style. Since it is vintage, a high rate of assurance that it is made from genuine materials is guaranteed. No matter what kind of diamond you own, as long as it can give you the sense of contentment, and then there will be no problem with that. Whether you own a genuine or fake diamonds, there is no big deal to that. As long as you are wearing good manners and are confident in yourself. You can shine brighter that what diamonds can. Be confident and at yourself always, like diamonds, you will shine forever.



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